Background & Challenge

Mission Community Foundation is a group of well-accomplished people who help others realize their goals and achieve success. They are a group of philanthropists, “planting into the community.” Mission Community Foundation needs to establish a visual identity that will create sense of trustworthiness. They are looking to promote the Foundation’s values of stewardship, openness, legacy, and imagination. Their new branding has to reflect their dedication to the receivers of services and funding, affluent benefactors, and monthly donors.


The logo mark is modernization of the ancient heraldry, where all its elements have a meaningful interpretation. The logo, wreathed with BC showers, constructively weaves together the symbols of the city of Mission, the symbols of foundation and community, framing them in a shield shape that represents nobility and security. It is crowned with a railroad bridge that refers back to Mission’s history as the hub trade route. The elements of the logo can be used in combination and separately to highlight various organizational activities. The vibrant “teal” brand colour is defined by overlaying the green and blue colours of Mission’s official tartan pattern. The tagline, which is especially clear when combined with organizational name, addresses both external and internal audiences: “Mission is my home, and I’m proud to be a member of this community. Even when I’m gone, I want my legacy to live on by supporting the things I cherish about Mission, and the people I care so much about.”